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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you ensuring safety during Corona?

We value your concern and assure you that we are taking all the precautions necessary to make your experience a safe one. To ensure a safe experience, we are carrying out sanitisation of all our facilities, regular temperature checks and mandatory masks and gloves.


Tell me about your catalogue products

We are more into services by providing you experienced & skilled KARIGARs. Hence, we willprovide you with wide range of services from interior decoration to making Sofas, beds, chairs, tables, lighting and appliances to kitchens, wardrobes and storage units. It’s our promise that you will find anything and everything for your home project here.


What services do you offer? Why should I choose you?

GHAR KRAFTS services include customized furniture, false ceiling, flooring, tiling, wall painting, waterproofing and many more.We consistently deliver high-quality interiors because we’ve a 100% in-house team, whose work we stringently monitor based on thorough quality check at every steps. And that’s why we can even give you a full home warranty!


Can I get only Karigars for my projects ?

Yes, we are the only organization, who provides experienced & skilled KARIGARs for the project. We also execute full project –  KARIGARs and Materials for budget friendly completion.


Can I buy my project materials from my preferred vendors?

Yes, you can. We are the only organization to provide that flexibility. Based on your design & requirements, we will give you material specifications. You can buy from GHAR KRAFTS Material Store or from your preferred vendors but before buying, please check & compare the rates with specification.


What are your payment schedules?

We are aware about the fact, that home renovation entails a huge investment. Hence, we have structured our payments in such a way that your home interior journey becomes a smooth sail.


The payment schedules are:

50% Advance during job order

Rest 25% during 50% execution level

Rest 15% during 75% execution level.

Final 10% during project handover.


Do you charge a design fee?

No, we don’t. But design to be provided after the job order is made. The service for design is free. But we charge Rs. 5000 (single room) to Rs. 15000 (full house) design cost, if 3D design to be made.


Can I get just get a part of my home designed?

Be it just a modular kitchen or living room or your kid’s themed bedroom, we would be pleased to design your home. Our services will be curated and personalized to fit your requirement.

Book a Free Consultation and we will guide you through the process.


Are you offering any warranty?

Yes, we’re India’s only end to end home solution platform to give you a full home warranty!

When you design your home interiors with us and also, we get Karigars as well as Materials from us, we would provide you upto 10-years warranty on our catalogue products, and also a 1-year warranty on our services.


What is Service warranty? Is it chargeable?

After completion of a project, various other services are required for upkeep, this is known as Service warranty. We provide one year service warranty free.


Why do I need to get waterproofing done ?

Water can be as deadly as fire when it comes to damaging the house. Unresolved seepage issues can create havoc for the structure, hence waterproofing needs to be done at all cost. If waterproofing is not done, water entrance in the structure could be said as a cancer of concrete.


What causes rising dampness in buildings?

Rising dampness is caused by ground water breaching the DPC and rising through building bricks and mortar. Rising dampness, like any other dampness can create serious problems.


What is the difference between dampness and salt peterness?

Dampness is just the formation of wet patches on the walls whereas salt peterness/efflorescence is  the formation of whitish salt deposits on walls and masonry. Commonly occurs due to dissolution of salts of Potassium/Magnesium/Calcium etc in the water.


Why do I need to waterproof the whole roof is seepage is occurring only at the corner part in my ceiling below?

Water can enter from a particular point/crack in the roof and travel through concrete pores and seep at a different point where there is way for its passage. It is hence, difficult to determine which point water is entering from just by looking. For long lasting solution, entire roof needs to be waterproofed.


Why dampness reoccur again even after painting?

Painting is just an aesthetic work for beautification. It is not a protection against dampness/seepage issues. Dampness needs to be approached differently.