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Flooring is one of the major milestones in your interior design journey. Good flooring can completely transform the look of your home’s interior. It reflects the taste, preference, and personality of the owner and also aids to increase the durability & health of your floor.

Our highly experienced & skilled Flooring KARIGARs can deliver the flooring of your choice without a glitch. We will help you to choose the type of flooring matching with your interior vision for your home. We will ensure that it’s cost-effective & with proper finishing.

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Marble Flooring

Provides an elegant, royal look to your interior along with an impression of being spacious. Known for its durability and high maintenance.

Granite Flooring

Exceptionally hard, durable and high stain resistant providing high gloss finish. Granite is ideal for countertops. A highly polished flooring not ideal for the very young and the very old.

3D Epoxy Flooring

Latest trend in fancy floor world because of creativity & high performance. Provides perception of depth & resistant to damages on floor decorations.

Wooden Flooring

Adds elegant & luxurious look to your interior. Oak flooring, maple flooring, and cherry flooring options are available. Not water-resistant & require high maintenance.  

Vinyl Flooring

Great choice for spaces which get most foot traffic. Cost effective for installation & highly durable & can last for 10-12 years. Recommended for Showrooms, Malls etc

Oxide Flooring

Beautiful, rich & traditional looking flooring which needs less maintenance , available in various color options to suit your interior. Eco-friendly and Pocket friendly.

Tile Installation

Most popular choice as a substitute to marble or granite. Provides decorative & rich look to your interior. Highly durable & low maintenance.

Terrazzo Flooring

Low Cost, Low maintenance & high durability flooring with unlimited design option & colour palate. Long-lasting & can last over 100 yrs.