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Waterproofing makes a building structure fully water-resistant. To keep the interior of your home damp-free and also ensure that the structural strength of a building is protected, it’s absolutely necessary to prevent water from penetrating the building structure. Hence, do Waterproofing. Seepages or leakages should be cured on time with the following  technical guidelines otherwise, it will lead to Concrete Cancer & eventually will damage the building.

  • We are expert in all
    types of Waterproofing..
  • Cementitious


  • Liquid

    Waterproofing Membrane

  • Bituminous

    Coating Waterproofing

  • Bituminous

    Membrane Waterproofing

  • Polyurethene Liquid

    Membrane Waterproofing

Terrace Waterproofing

Terrace & roof are most exposed to rain & sunlight. Get waterproofing done to avoid damp due to Cracks, leakages thru.Tiles, uneven surfaces etc.

Kitchen Waterproofing

Kitchen & Bathroom remain damp & moist causing structural damage & peeling of paint. Get Waterproofing in sink areas, basins and outside walls.

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Swimming pools are subject to constant water pressure. Only Concrete walls are not sufficient to avoid leakage of a pool, Waterproofing is a must.

Water Tank Waterproofing

Regular water movement & poor maintenance causes seepage & growth of algae and fungus. Might cause weakening of building structure, hence waterproofing is mandatory.

Exterior Wall Waterproofing

Constant exposure to rains, winds & harmful UV rays from the Sun, causes cracks on walls. Get waterproofing done to avoid dampness & seepage.

Pre-paint Waterproofing

Peeling of paint happens when walls are un-guarded from cracks or seepage, mostly on side walls of bathroom and kitchen. Hence, before painting get Waterproofing done.